Hand Car Wash

Standard Valet

  • Apply traffic film remover to wheels and lower bodywork
  • Pressure wash wheels and bodywork
  • Exterior hand wash/wax and rinse
  • Leather dry
  • Empty ash trays and remove litter
  • Vacuum car out
  • Polish interior windows and mirrors
  • Dust dash, and trim and a general wipe round

Time: approx 2 hours

Full Valet

  • Apply traffic film remover to wheels, lower bodywork and door shuts, pressure wash off, exterior hand wash and rinse
  • Remove excess water and leather dry
  • Ashtrays cleaned and litter removed
  • Seats, carpets and boot vacuumed
  • Polish all glass and mirrors, inside and out
  • Dress tyres and bumpers
  • Remove any marks if possible from roof lining
  • Interior trim cleaned and dressed
  • Shampoo seats and carpets as required
  • Polish exterior body work with top quality wax

Time: approx 4 hours


Just need the interior valeted?
Not a problem.

The car only needs a standard valet, but you would like it polished as well?
We can do that for you.

Safety Check?

Have your oil level checked and topped up, *washer fluid level checked and topped up, *front and rear tyre pressures checked and rectified or recorded. *

Associated Services

Associated services that can be arranged for you:

  • Body work repairs
  • Tyre replacement
  • Windscreen repair or replacement
  • Window tinting, privacy glass
  • Interior trim repair or replacement
  • Scratch removal
  • Servicing
  • Wheel refurbishment
  • Paintwork protection

MPVs & 4x4s will incur higher charges due to size

* Materials used for top ups will be charged.

Remember you cant look smart or classy in a dirty car

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